Partake Arts is a nimble, responsive arts administration consultancy that guides artists and organizations through challenge, change, and opportunity. Together with our clients, we envision, create, and build the future of the performing arts.

Partake Arts partners with artists, artist-led projects, and organizations to create effective, impactful administrative systems so you can focus on what matters: your art and your communities. Artists and administrators who engage Partake Arts create healthy, fulfilling careers and foster resilient, responsive arts organizations.


For Individual Artists

They didn’t teach this in your MFA program, and even though that’s bananas, it is valuable to develop the administrative and self-management side of your practice. Partake Arts works directly with individual artists to offer advice and administrative support, acting as a thought partner and advocate. Read more.

For Organizations

For too many artists, starting a company means endless administrative work with little or no time for the actual work of making art. So many small and mid-sized artist-led companies struggle under the weight of administrative work, and find themselves stretched too thin. We can commiserate, and we can work together to make it better. Read more.

Interim Leadership & Succession Planning

In small organizations, everyone is key staff. Partake Arts provides support during moments of planned and unplanned transition, and we can come in quickly to manage teams, support boards, set up operating systems, and internal assessment during the search process. Read more.

Community Classes

Artists need and deserve support to learn more about the practical side of their craft in a supportive, joyful space with snacks. Learning is a lot easier when we do it with co-conspirators who share our challenges and who can offer their real-world experiences, tackle pressing issues, and undo the damage from the fundraising industrial complex together. Read more.