Money stuff! The philosophy behind the rates and payment schedules is to make Partake Arts’ services available to a wide range of individual artists and nonprofits, while recognizing that measuring effort “by the hour” rewards a false notion of productivity and creates urgency where it need not exist. Seriously, an hour of answering emails is not the same as an hour of creating a dance or an hour of reading a book or an hour of meeting with a potential collaborator, but these are all work!  

First, we will meet for an “intake” conversation, usually 30-45 minutes, to a sense of your needs either as an individual or an organization, as well as the complexity of your project. After this, you will receive a proposal of a few different levels of engagement that address your specific situation, and we will take it from there. 

In general, Partake Arts’ work falls into four different categories:

  • Advising: Zoom, phone, or in-person sessions offering guidance, feedback, practical resources, and thought partnership
  • Shared Work Sessions: Zoom, phone, or in-person sessions focused on practical work together, such as creating budgets, drafting documents, and creating or editing grants 
  • Facilitation: Holding space, leading meetings, and creating opportunities for learning
  • Independent Work: All the work that happens quietly and behind the scenes to support clients, including reading and responding to emails, document editing, grant writing, researching, budgeting, light bookkeeping, and creating agendas for classes or facilitation.

Rates for individual artists are intentionally much lower than those for organizations (especially 501c3s), and all organizational clients should know up front that their payments are subsidizing the individual artist client base. I am also happy to prepare quotes and proposals to share with boards and funders. Please note that organizations can also purchase packages on behalf of individual artists, such as grantees, fellows, resident artists, and ensemble members, and offer these services free of charge to the end user, the artist! 

For Individual Artists 

All work together with individual artists is offered on a sliding scale! Individual artists and groups of collaborators are welcome. Performance is never truly made alone.  

Advising Session: $60–$100 per 60-minute session, sliding scale

Shared Work Session: $150–$250 per 90-minute session, sliding scale

Independent Work: starts at $100 per project deliverable, billed in project-based increments 

Rates for individual artists are meant to be flexible and inclusive, so get in touch if you need to work out a payment plan or if you need to access the work with a barter or work exchange. 

For Organizations 

Advising Session: Starting at $150 per 60-minute session

Shared Work Session: Starting at $250 per 90-minute session

Independent Work: Starts at $250 per project deliverable, billed in $250 increments

Facilitation: Starts at $175 per hour of agenda, inclusive of preparation costs 

Major projects and interim staffing, up to and including executive leadership, are highly tailored to the needs of the client organization. Please reach out and we can initiate discussions about what works best in terms of capacity, needs, timeline, and funding.


Pay in advance! Be cool! Wear sunscreen! Drink water! Cancel or reschedule with 48 hours notice! Give yourself a hug today! 

Economic Justice

To continually acknowledge and offer reparations for the harms of racism and oppression, and the privileges I experience as a white-identified, straight woman, I will make donations on a monthly basis to Indigenous, Black, Asian, Latinx, MENA, and Queer-led arts organizations equal to or more than 10% of net profits of the business, and, with permission from the recipients, share their particulars and online contact information on this site for transparency. 

Additionally, I acknowledge the problematic nature of white-identified people receiving payments for labor in service of anti-racist facilitation and education, I commit to do this work in collaboration with people of color and in support of their leadership, and to ensure that POC colleagues and collaborators are paid 25-50% more than white-identified facilitators on a given project, which offers a pathway to eliminate the issue of free labor and address the pay disparities which exist between white women and people of color working in nonprofits, the arts, and the US economy generally. 

Finally, and again, organizations, foundations, and nonprofits can and should be subsidizing the costs of individual artists, and folks with race, class, and other forms of privilege should consider their ability to pay higher rates for sliding scale offerings in order to support folks with less privilege and access to wealth and financial subsidy. 

As the business grows, I hope this practice of economic justice and wealth redistribution will expand, and welcome feedback about this policy and potential recipients.