Some of my favorite resources for artists and arts workers are below. Check back, the list keeps growing. Better yet, if you know of something great that should be on this list, let me know! 

Self-Management // Funders and Residencies // Job Boards // Professional Development // Service Organizations // Arts Space Rentals in NYC // Consultants // Anti-Racism Training and Resources // Reading List


You Need a Budget (referral link). More than any other tool, YNAB has given me personal financial freedom. It’s a game changer, and if you sign up through my link, I get a small referral fee. Seriously, this site will change your life. You can also look at and other budgeting tools, even the ones offered by your bank.

Brass Taxes are rad accountants who offer services specifically to artists and freelancers and who work nationally. Philly Tax Prep for Artists are also amazing. I know there are great accountants who work specifically with artists in many locations, it’s worth googling “accountant” and your city or state to see what pops up. If you need an auditor for your non-profit, Gary Eisenkraft and Rich & Bander here in New York work with arts organizations.

Pro-Bono Legal Assistance:
I have had a great experience with Lawyers Alliance for New York. I’ve also worked with Lawyers for the Creative Arts in Chicago, IL and they are lovely. Note that lawyers can only provide services in states where they are admitted to the bar and licensed, so if you are in another state, Google “pro bono lawyers” and your location.

Communication tools:
We all have email, I guess. I love both Rollup to keep my inbox under control and TextExpander for short cuts and pre-fab information. But I have also found a lot of value in working outside of email to organize communications, and I have found a lot of success using Slack or the messaging tools internal to a project management tool to get work out of my inbox and get to the mythical Inbox Zero.

Project Management:
There are so many great tools, but the only thing that really matters is if you will commit to the tool and use it daily to organize your practice and projects. I love paper notebooks and calendars, and have found a lot of value in Bullet Journal and Self Journal. If you are collaborating or love an online system, I like Monday, Asana, and AirTable.

A few more things that are great:
The Listings Project if you need an apartment or a workspace. Hiya Scout made this website.

Funders and Residencies

Many funders and residencies are organized and focused by discipline and geography, so be aware of the identities you hold and think about how your creative practice fits into these rubrics. Get ready to do some searching, and make a spreadsheet to keep yourself organized!

Alliance of Artist Communities – Residency Database
Center for Cultural Innovation
Creative Capital
HERE Arts Center – HARP Residency
Franklin Furnace
Indie Theatre Fund
Jerome Foundation
Laudromat Project
MAP Fund
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Network of Ensemble Theaters
New England Foundation for the Arts
New York Foundation for the Arts
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
New York State Council on the Arts
Puffin Foundation

Local Arts Councils in NYC:  Brooklyn Arts Council // LMCC // Bronx Council on the Arts // Queens Arts Council // Staten Island Arts
(Hey! To find a local arts council in your area, good “local arts council” and the name of your city, county, or state and something will pop up! State arts agencies also often keep a list of local arts organizations on their website, especially those that redistribute funds.) 

Job Boards

NYFA Classifieds
APAP Job Bank
California Arts Council Jobs Board
Alliance of Artist Communities Jobs Board
Philanthropy News Daily
Welcome to Jobsdale

Professional Development

Creative Capital
Nonprofit Finance Fund
The Foundation Center

Service Organizations

The Alliance of Artist Communities
Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York
The Field
Fractured Atlas
Howlround Theatre Commons
Indie Theatre Fund
League of Chicago Theatres & Chicago Plays
Movement Research
New Play Exchange
NPN: National Performance Network
New Jersey Theatre Alliance
Parent Artist Advocacy League
Production on Deck
Springboard for the Arts
Statera Arts
Theatre Communications Group
Theatre Philadelphia
Women of Color in the Arts

Arts Space Rentals in NYC

A.R.T./New York Rehearsal and Performance Space
Dance NYC: Space
Fourth Arts Block: Dance Block
Indie Space


Benvenuti Arts
Sarah is an incredible resource to the NYC independent theatre community, and offers management and development consulting. 

Hannah Fenlon
Hannah is a brilliant convener of humans, bringing together artists, administrators, communities, and audiences in purpose-driven spaces both physical and digital. 

Finance and bookkeeping support for arts organizations and artists in NYC

Responsive, kind bookkeeping and financial management service.

Anti-Racism Training and Resources

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Race Forward
Honor Native Land – US Department of Arts and Culture

Reading List

Some readings on self-management, leadership, organizational culture, and other work-related topic I have found nourishing lately include: My Grandmother’s Hands, Burnout, We Will Not Cancel Us, Dare to Lead, and Solidarity Not Charity – Grantmaking in the Solidarity Economy.

Some books I come back to over and over again are: Emergent Strategy by adrienne marie brown, The Social Profit Handbook by David Grant, and Managing to Change the World by Alison Green and Jerry Hauser.