Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail with Self-Love

In capitalism, there is no room for failure. Budgets don’t allow for a show to be bad, funders don’t allow for a program not to work out, and scarcity mentality tells us we have to make things work, at any cost. Failure is a concept that people automatically associate with something bad or negative, but… Continue reading Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail with Self-Love

The Serotinous Pine Cone

I grew up in Northern California, where the threat of wildfires was a serious and annual occurrence. I remember waking up one Sunday in October to the sun glowing red behind a veil of smoke, and ash from newspapers and books scattering our yard. We evacuated to be with family in Berkeley while the Oakland… Continue reading The Serotinous Pine Cone

Hey Artists: You’re Business Owners

As artists and freelancers, we know that the vast majority of systems—even and especially philanthropic systems and nonprofit systems—are not designed to take care of us. This is especially true with respect to financial systems, government systems, the IRS, employment and unemployment systems: all these major institutions and superstructures that privilege corporations and 501c3s, not… Continue reading Hey Artists: You’re Business Owners